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Yoga for beginners

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Meet Shikha...

After deciding to be her own boss, in 2016, Shikha launched her first business, Studio Sapphire, a boutique yoga, dance, and fitness studio that provides private and group sessions in the San Gabriel Valley, California. Named after her Sapphire birthstone, the studio continues to grow and serve as a much-needed space for encouraging health and wellness in the community.

An entrepreneur and Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery graduate knew she was meant to find a higher purpose and calling to help others heal through energy movement, dance, and yoga.

Shikha never imagined she’d pursue a career in health and fitness because she had always been targeted by bullies in school who criticized her weight and the way she looked. But as she grew older, she learned how to send those thoughts and criticisms away with love. She learned to embrace her body and learn that her flaws are what make her beautiful.

Today, Shikha is a certified yoga instructor, fitness coach, and a reiki healer who loves helping her clients reach attainable fitness and health goals that are not just temporary, but life-changing. 

Her mission as a healer and teacher has evolved through her personal health and fitness journey. She hopes to share her story and inspire women who have felt like they never truly fit the cookie cutter lifestyle or were ever discouraged or told they couldn’t do something or be their own boss.

“I realized that too many people are stressed and depressed in this world so my goal is to empower and heal as many hearts as I can by teaching how to shake it off."  - Shikha




Shikha Thapa

Biography written and edited by Monica Luhar .

Photo courtesy of Maider Izeta.

Shikha' s premium services


One-on-one yoga

or body works sessions

  • 8 private yoga or body works training/ recovery sessions AND

  • Nutrition and wellness consultation


  • 8 mini reiki healing sessions AND

  • Guided meditation.


PERSONAL Reiki healing SPECIALS $90

Shikha uses an ancient Japanese technique called reiki healing to balance and cleanse your energy. Reiki healing is a powerful universal life force energy that promotes, relaxation, stress-reduction and spiritual healing. 


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Distance reiki healing practitioners lay their hands lightly above people’s body and they attempt to redirect the flow of an invisible energy that brings this energy back in balance. This balancing of energy flow helps in promoting  healing.

Ask Shikha for healing and she will send you the energy through any choice of media. It may be done over the phone, email, online or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and Shikha.