Picture from our Sapphire Butterfly retreat to self-discovery.

Picture from our Sapphire Butterfly retreat to self-discovery.

In Nepal, when we welcome our guests, we say "ATITHI DEVO BHAVA"  which in english means, the guest is equivalent to God". It is an immense pleasure to serve my guests  by making them feel home and stay as a family forever.
Above belief is what I grew up embracing and till this day, it speaks truth. I am humbled to  have a very special relationship with all my clients and is an absolute blessing to serve each one of them. Namaste! 
Karma beach  Yoga at Pacific Palisades, CA

Karma beach  Yoga at Pacific Palisades, CA


"What I like most about Shikha's approach to yoga is that not only does she make you feel like you got a nice workout, she also connects all yogis spiritually through conscious meditation and other practices. I have also relied on Shikha's reiki services for my chakra alignment, and I very much enjoy the time and care she takes. A reiki session with Shikha is filled with relaxation, going inwards, deep conversations, and a feeling of peace and love. I feel very fortunate to found her so close to where I live!" - Mai, I.

"Shikha deserves more than 5 stars.  I came to her private lesson to workout last year, she was so inspiring and always encouraging me.  I followed her instructions and diet plan, I have lost all of my pregnancy weight and able to toned my body and build some nice muscle:)
Then later on, I have joined her yoga class and I had a blast.  I learned how to do the right down-dog pose, she was always patient with me and other students.  She opened up my eyes about yoga is not only an exercise/ workout.  It is connecting my souls with the universe, it helps me to learn more about myself through practicing yoga with Shikha.
Through talking with Shikha, she introduced me to Reiki healing. I was nervous at the beginning because I never like those dark spiritual things.  The truth is It Is Not!
She uses her energy to touch me and sends positive energy to me, she is a healer! She is very intuitive and inspirational.  The session was about 15-20 mins, she asked me to lay down on the yoga mat and she gave me comfortable blankets and pillows.  A few candle lights and calm music, it was like a massage session.  My advice for those who are interested to get energy healing, please give Shikha a call and she will walk you through the process and what to expect.  My experience was very positive, i didn't fight and just let her work on me.  I felt so refresh after my session :) we should take good care of ourselves and I recommend Shikha to anyone who needs a private fitness trainer, life coach and a healer buddy!" - Candace L. 

"I started with Shikha early February and told her I needed to be ready in April for my dress fitting. After a quick consultation on my eating habits, which I knew had to be the biggest change and some advice to keep focused on my goals we started. I've never wanted to work on my arms because they're my weakest point but I knew I had to for my wedding. After 5 weeks I was doing push-ups, lifting heavy weights, my bicep muscles came in, I was weighting in at 118 lbs and I went from a dress size 8 to a size 2! I'm still waiting for my dress to come and I'm anxiously awaiting. There's still work to do but now it's just about toning and not losing. Shikha and I also grew close in 5weeks and I feel that I not only attained my goal but gained a new friend. I love you Shikha and thank you for getting me ready for one of the most exciting times in my life. Wishing you so much success!!!" - Victoria C. 

"Shikha started coming to my house for Yoga lessons one year ago. I was 77 years old and I was losing my balance and falling down, couldn’t open jars, found it very difficult to raise my arms, great difficulty getting out of a chair plus other limitations that come with getting old. One year later, I’m still going strong and am now able to do all the things I was unable to do before! I owe it all to Shikha who was my inspiration and an awesome teacher!" - Toni B.