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shikha thapa


Reiki master & healer.

Health & wellness coach.

Spiritual entrepreneur.

Shake it with Shikha

“I teach spiritual alignment and yoga ; my practices now feel liberating. I enjoy every bit of it because I serve to add value. I serve to heal. I serve God’s purpose.”

Photo  courtesy of Maider Izeta. 


Shikha Thapa was born in Hong Kong and raised in Nepal. From a very young age, Shikha knew she didn’t quite fit the cookie cutter lifestyle others had carved for her. An entrepreneur and Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery graduate knew she was meant to find a higher purpose and calling to help others heal through energy movement, dance, and yoga.

At an early age, Shikha was forced to be independent as her father worked in the military. She spent much of her early childhood in boarding schools before moving alone to the U.S. at the age of 19 to chase the American Dream. Shikha never imagined she’d pursue a career in health and fitness because she had always been targeted by bullies in school who criticized her weight and the way she looked. But as she grew older, she learned how to send those thoughts and criticisms away with love. She learned to embrace her body and learn that her flaws are what make her beautiful.

Frustrated after working six years in a corporate job, Shikha quit her job with nothing lined up, and her savings depleted. After deciding to be her own boss, in 2016, Shikha launched her first business, Studio Sapphire, a boutique yoga, dance, and fitness studio that provides private and group sessions in the San Gabriel Valley. Named after her Sapphire birthstone, the studio continues to grow and serve as a much-needed space for encouraging health and wellness in the community.

Today, Shikha is a certified yoga instructor, fitness coach, and reiki healer who loves helping her clients reach attainable fitness and health goals that are not just temporary, but life-changing. She loves giving them the tools needed to live full, enriching lives by helping them take control of their well being. Over the years, Shikha has taught Zumba, Bollywood, Kickboxing, Hip-Hop, and various other dance fit genres. While dance has already been engraved in her heart and soul, she finds that teaching yoga and practicing healing modalities is her main passion and current path.  

Her mission as a healer and teacher has evolved through her personal health and fitness journey. She hopes to share her story and inspire women who have felt like they never truly fit the cookie cutter lifestyle or were ever discouraged or told they couldn’t do something or be their own boss. “I realized that too many people are stressed and depressed in this world so my goal is to empower and heal as many hearts as I can by teaching how to shake it off,” says Shikha.

When she’s not running a business or teaching yoga, Thapa is very much passionate about dance and loves hiking, walking on the beach, cooking and reading inspirational books. You can catch up with Shikha by watching her YouTube tutorial videos on beginner yoga poses and breath work to help reduce anxiety and stress, at Shake it With Shikha.  “I teach spiritual alignment and yoga and my practices now feel liberating. I enjoy every bit of it because I serve to add value. I serve to heal. I serve God’s purpose.”



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Biography written and edited by Monica Luhar.